FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions


What does CoMove stand for?

Community Movement. As global communities unite we are promoting movement and wellness, through the LIVE technological mediums.


What is CoMove LIVE?

CoMove LIVE is a Social Initiative that was created in the shadow of the CoronaVirus outbreak of 2020. It is an instrument for bringing light to the darkness. We hope to bring together, in one place, all the great independent movement, spiritual and wellness teachers that are providing LIVE streams to the world. We are passionate about enabling easy access to the top professionals.

Help us Grow. Join us, Share your Teachings, Invite your teachers... end enjoy!

How do I join a session?

Today and tomorrow’s sessions are displayed on our Home Page. By clicking on the image at the designated time, you will be directly transferred to a ZOOM or Facebook Live feed where you can view the session. Simple as that!


How do I teach a session?

We want to help independent teachers provide LIVE professional content.

Go to the Teachers Area and submit your class


Why can’t I see sessions beyond tomorrow?

Although there is a tight schedule of upcoming sessions in the future, we are cultivating an wellness on-demand vibe. When you want it, you can find it with us.

Soon, registered members will be able to access a Members Area and see the future.

Sign up today, and we will notify you when we launch.


How much does this cost?

Some classes cost money, others don’t. How does this work?

Many teachers offer their teaching for free, however many will want you to contribute a fee for their class. The amount is clearly stated.

Once you log on to the class, your teacher will provide you with a method to pay him or her directly.


What is a Dana Donation ?

Dana is a Sanskrit word that relates to the virtue of generosity or charity. It is the practice of cultivating generosity. In this context, your teacher will ask you to contribute a donation to him or her, according to your capability and wishes, as you see fit.